Hotel for Squirrels

Rehabilitating Squirrels and Other Wild and Exotic Mammal Babies



Wildlife belongs in the wild! When an animal is uninjured, we encourage reuniting before rehabilitation. Our blog shows you how...or give us a call!



We have concierges trained to help orphaned wildlife. Give us a call if you find an animal that needs assistance.



We help people see the benefits of the wildlife we rehabilitate and help protect their environment.

This is what we do!

Rehabilitating Orphan Wildlife

We care for and rehabilitate orphaned and injured wild and exotic animals. We love the babies and will make sure they get the care they need so they can go back to their homes in the wild.

Sampling of Blog Posts

Squirrel GPS - How to Call Momma Squirrel and Request a Pickup

When a baby gets thrown from the nest, we can try to reunite. Here's how!


Getting Started as a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Here is how I got started...and how you can get involved, too!


Q/A: Does a Squirrel Make a Good Pet?

Yes...and DEFINITELY NO. (You have to read this to understand.)


About Us

The people that make all this possible

Desiree (With Blossom)

General Manager & Chief Concierge

Nicole (With Groot)

Concierge - Orlando Branch

Tammie (With Bear)

Concierge - Middleburg Branch

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Please contact us for anything you need. We're here for the babies -- and you!

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